SP 9 Dzierżoniów, Poland

Primary School number 9 in Dzierżoniów ( Szkoła Podstawowa nr 9, Dzierżoniów im. Mikołaja Kopernika, Poland) was opened on 20th October 1962.
• There are 19 light and spacious well equipped classrooms in the school. We have two computer classrooms with the internet, a science lab and a foreign languages lab. 449 students in 19 classes are taught in our school this school year.
• There are also two gyms, a canteen, a school shop, a very good library with many books for students and teachers.
• There are swimming lessons from the first class. Some classes (Years 1-3) have got 4 swimming lessons a week (we call them swimming classses).
• From Year 4 we have sports classes and students are taught football (boys only), handball, basketball, volleyball, swimming and athletics – they have 10 sport lessons a week.
• From the first year all students are taught English and ICT.
• We are working on some eTwinning projects what let us learn to work in groups and we find out a lot about teenagers' life in other European countries.

Pokaż SP 9 Dzierżoniów na większej mapie Wiktoria made a presentation to show you our school: SP 9 Dzierżoniów

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