poniedziałek, 18 listopada 2013

2nd videomeeting

On 18th November 2013 after many attempts Greek and Polish students met on Skype. They wanted to disccuss about their pets. Polish students saw Greek students' drawings and heard their aminals descriptions in English.

piątek, 1 listopada 2013

Swallows - House Martin

In Poland all kinds of swallows are endangered and are now protected. In Dzierżoniów we have house martins and we watched them make the nest and then how they take care of their babies. We made a film showing the life of house martins.

Narew National Park

Narew is a river in north-east Poland in a very flat area. In 1996 they founded Narew National Park, where you can see amazing views, plants and animals. And the presentation about Narew National Park by Wiktoria.